Echocel® Professional Urethanes offer a simple, cost-effective option for high-performance cushioning. Immediately available in three colors with no minimum order requirements, Echocel® is the perfect urethane for a cushioning layer in foot orthotics, orthotic devices and much more.

Echocel® Professional

Blue Sheets
Product Depth Dimensions
PORS-10601 1/16" 30"x36"
PORS-10604 1/16" 18"x30"
PORS-10613 1/8" 30"x36"
PORS-10616 1/8" 18"x30"
PORS-10625 1/4" 30"x36"
PORS-10628 1/4" 18"x30"
Black Sheets
Product Depth Dimensions
PORS-10090 1/16" 30"x36"
PORS-10190 1/16" 18"x30"
PORS-10091 1/8" 30"x36"
PORS-10191 1/8" 18"x30"
PORS-10092 1/4" 30"x36"
PORS-10192 1/4" 18"x30"
Tan Sheets
Product Depth Dimensions
PORS-10607 1/16" 30"x36"
PORS-10610 1/16" 18"x30"
PORS-10619 1/8" 30"x36"
PORS-10622 1/8" 18"x30"
PORS-10631 1/4" 30"x36"
PORS-10634 1/4" 18"x30"

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