January 2008: Acor Launches Innovative AFO Gauntlet

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Contact: Jeff Alaimo, CEO



Acor Launches Innovative QUIKForm and X-Static AFO Gauntlet

Raise Your Standards without raising your costs


Cleveland, OH January 14 2008. Acor utilizes the design and expertise of fabricating footwear to launch a complete line of custom AFO gauntlets. The new line blends function and style like no other product on the market. The competitively priced innovative designs include a denim gauntlet, coronet gauntlet with a synthetic suede finish, and the rugged camouflage gauntlet with a new ratchet buckle. 
All AFOs in this line are reinforced with Quikform®. Quikform® is an innovative, lightweight polymeric material that provides all the functionality and support without the weight and stiffness of a rigid plastic AFO. In addition, all AFOs are lined with X-Static and 1/16" NeoSponge. Neosponge is patented form fitting, flexible and durable synthetic rubber material that provides superior cushioning and excellent fit. X-Static is an environmentally safe pure silver fiber woven into the material and clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and fungi and destroy odor.  
Better form, fit and function means better patient compliance and better outcomes. 

Acor Orthopaedic, established in 1972, is a family owned company comprised of practitioners dedicated to the design and manufacturing of medical-grade footwear products, materials, orthoses and AFOs. “Our commitment to innovation and education is what set’s us apart’” says Jeff Alaimo, “As practitioners, we are always considering what you need and what works in daily practice.”

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