Dec. 2006: SADMERC-Reviewed Orthotics: 50+ and Growing



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Acor Offers New SADMERC-Reviewed Custom Orthotics


Cleveland, OH – Acor Orthopaedic, the company that has brought innovative technologies to the pedorthic industry, introduces nine new SADMERC-reviewed orthotics to its’ line of Acorthotics® Custom Insoles.  Acor understands all diabetics are not the same. This is why we have developed over 50 SADMERC-reviewed orthotics – that is more than any other pedorthic manufacturer!



The most recent line of reviewed Acorthotic® Custom Inserts include:


CORT-96: P-Cell® + Microcel Puff®
Use:  For the moderate walker.

CORT-XI6: X-Static® lined Impression Puff™ + Microcel Puff®

Use:  For the active walker.

CORT-9P6: P-Cell® + Urethane + Microcel Puff®

Use:  Larger Adults of any weight.

CORT-XIP6: X-Static® lined Impression Puff™ + Urethane + Microcel Puff®

Use:  Antibacterial protection for the individual of any weight.

CORT-98: P-Cell® + Multicork™

Use:  Larger adults of any weight.

CORT-9P8: P-Cell® + Urethane + Multicork™

Use:  Larger, athletic adults of any weight.


CORT-XI8: X-Static® lined Impression Puff™ + Multicork™

Use:  Antibacterial protection for the individual of any weight.


CORT-6P8: Microcel Puff® + Urethane + Multicork™

Use:  For the athletic individual of any weight.


CORT-6P6: Microcel Puff® + Urethane + Microcel Puff®

Use:  For the extreme athletic individual of any weight.


Acor’s Custom Orthotics are hand-crafted from a positive mold from a patient’s feet and are fabricated within five working days.  Free Impression Foam and a pre-paid shipping label are included with each order. All of our SADMERC-reviewed orthotics can be found in the Acor Orthopaedic Catalog which encompasses the complete Acor product line. (To order use # LITR-00001)


For more information or to request a catalog, please contact Acor Orthopaedic.