Nov. 2006: Full-Line Catalog and Price List Now Available



Contact: James Fowler

18530 South Miles Parkway

Cleveland, OH 44128

(800) 237-2267

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New Acor Catalog Offers Innovative, Pedorthic Solutions


Cleveland, OH – Acor Orthopaedic, the company that has brought innovative technologies to the pedorthic industry, introduces its’ new, easy-to-use catalog with over 100 pages of pedorthic solutions.


Catalog sections include:


  • SADMERC reviewed comfort shoes and orthotics.
  • Off-the-shelf comfort footwear.
  • Expanded orthotic line that presents our orthotics based upon activity, shock, and durability.
  • Custom section with many new styles of footwear and an activity-based line of foot orthotics - all competitively priced.
  • Materials section providing detailed specifications on each fabricating material in our large inventory.
  • Merchandising solutions for any office or storefront.
  • A valuable reference source of technical tips for the professional.


Our products feature X-Static®, the silver lining, in our footwear, orthotics, and materials.


The Acor Orthopaedic Catalog encompasses the complete Acor product line. (To order use # LITR-00001)


For more information or to request a catalog, please contact Acor Orthopaedic. [email protected] ● 800-237-2267 (option 2)