Aug. 2004: Silver-lined Shoes Appear on Acor Shelves

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August 1, 2004 – Cleveland, OH


Did you know that?

Shoes harbor millions of bacteria and fungi.

This bacterium creates odor and fungi in our shoes, insoles, and feet.

55% of people miss a day of work a year due to foot related problems.


To address these issues, the entire line of Acor footwear has been enhanced.  Each shoe has now been lined with a silver technology called X-Static®.  X-Static® is an innovative fiber that has a natural layer of silver permanently bonded to it.  Because silver is the world’s most effective anti-microbial and thermally conductive element, X-Static® naturally delivers unparalleled anti-microbial, anti-odor, and thermodynamic properties.


Anti-microbial: X-Static® eliminates 99% of bacteria and fungi in the shoe within 2 hours.


Anti-odor: Odor is a chemical composition of ammonia and denatured proteins.  X-Static® binds with ammonia and denatured proteins to change this chemical composition, which results in instant odor reduction.


Thermodynamic: X-Static® decreases friction in the shoe by displacing heat, which results in a reduction of blisters and hot spots.


For years, silver has been used as an anti-bacterial element for newborn babies, burn victims, and in bandages.  X-Static® silver fibers are used by the US Military in socks, by NASA in spacesuits, and by medical companies in wound care.  To address bacteria and odor found in footwear, Acor has incorporated X-Static® silver fibers into our footwear.


The entire Acor line has been renamed the Sole Defense® line of footwear.  The individual names of our shoes (Broadway™, RiverWalk™, Comfort Street™, Spring Street™, and Activz™) will remain the same.