Aug. 2003: Sole Defense Retail Orthotics





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INTRODUCING - SOLE DEFENSE® FOOT ORTHOTIC SYSTEM “Because your feet are at war with the street”


Acor’s revolutionary new foot orthotic system offers unparalleled cushioning and support, in addition to anti-odor, thermodynamic, anti-microbial properties


August, 2003 - Cleveland, OH

Did you know..?

85% of people wear insoles that do not properly fit their arch shape.

In a lifetime, an average person logs 70,000 miles on their feet.

Feet sweat about 10-15 gallons per foot per year.


The Sole Defense® Foot Orthotic System was created to provide an unparalleled level of cushioning, support, and protection for the feet. Sole Defense® is not merely an insole - it is the industry’s first comprehensive and interactive orthotic system.  It represents the most significant product introduction in the history of the retail insole market.


People’s feet are different.  Some have high arches.  Others have a standard foot shape.  Some have flat arches.  Sole Defense® Orthotics is a combination of 4 different materials that are designed in 3 distinct arch shapes (high, standard, and flat).  Rather than adopt a “one size fits all” approach, Sole Defense® fit the shape of the foot.  In addition, each orthotic can be heat molded in as little as 5 minutes for a custom fit.   


Every Sole Defense® Orthotic has a knitted X-Static® top cover.  X-Static® is an innovative fiber that has a natural layer of silver permanently bonded to it.  Because silver is the world’s most effective anti-microbial and thermally conductive element, X-Static® naturally delivers unparalleled anti-odor, thermodynamic, and anti-microbial properties.


The Sole Defense® point of purchase display combines a spinner rack, a heat sensitive foot analysis device called Therma Shape™, and product information into one unit.  The consumer simply steps onto the Therma Shape™ pad, compares their arch shape image to arch shapes on the display, and then selects the proper Sole Defense® Foot Orthotic to meet their needs.


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