Jul. 2002: P-Cell® Proves Positive With Podiatric Population


Acor Orthopaedic, the company that first introduced Tri-Lam(r), three layers of materials with differing properties to make wholly new qualities, now introduces P-Cell(tm).  According to Acor President Jeffrey Alaimo, CPO, "P-Cell is a revolutionary material that addresses the limitations of Plastazote(r)*."

Acor's Director of Clinical Education, Ross Marty, C.Ped, BOCO, states that "P-Cell is a material that exceeds the qualities of Plastazote when lab-tested under scientific experimentation**.  P-Cell is superior in terms of shock absorption, cushioning, moisture absorption, and tear resistance."

P-Cell is heat-moldable, grindable, and long lasting - an excellent combination for both foot care specialists and patients.

Acor has gathered several testimonials from individuals who report positive results with the new material:

"I intuitively believed that P-Cell was superior to Plastazote. However, the test results showing P-Cell's superiority to Plastazote were more dramatic than I expected." George Trimble, C.Ped, BOCP.

"P-Cell is superior to Plastazote in cushioning, durability, strength, and cost.  Switching to P-Cell from Plastazote has helped our patients, our techs, and our profit margins!" Roger Marzano, CPO, C.Ped.

 *Plastazote(r) is a registered trademark of Zotefoams.
**Independent testing results available upon request.