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Acor P-Cell EVA

Acor P-Cell®

P-Cell® is a closed cell EVA foam that has been tested by independent research companies against Plastazote® for abrasion, coefficient of friction, moisture deflection, durability and tensile strength.

P-Cell® was proven to be superior to Plastazote® in each and every test. In fact, after walking for 7½ miles on P-Cell®, there was less "pack-down" than a brand new piece of Plastazote® run through an identical test!

Durometer: 20 Shore A (±5)
Sheet Size: 37" x 30"
Composition: Proprietary Composite
Molding Temperature: 225°-275° F 2-3 min.
Grindable: YES
Available Colors: Blue, Pink, Black, Silver
Uses: Top covers, AFO interface, soft goods interface and distal end pads

Silver Blue Pink Black Dimension Case
SDUR-00367 SDUR-00355 SDUR-00255 SDUR-00320 116" 48
SDUR-00368 SDUR-00354 SDUR-00256 SDUR-00318 ⅛" 24
SDUR-00369 SDUR-00353 SDUR-00257 SDUR-00321 316" 16
SDUR-00370 SDUR-00352 SDUR-00258 SDUR-00322 ¼" 12
SDUR-00371 SDUR-00351 SDUR-00259 SDUR-00319 ⅜" 8
SDUR-00372 SDUR-00349 SDUR-00260 SDUR-00323 ½" 6
SDUR-00373 SDUR-00350 SDUR-00261 SDUR-00324 ¾" 4
SDUR-00374 SDUR-00348 SDUR-00262 SDUR-00325 1" 3

P-CELL® vs PLASTAZOTE®: According to independent testing through SATRA, Artech, and the SGS U.S. Testing company, P-Cell® is a superior product to Plastazote®.

Superior Cushioning: P-Cell® packs down 27% less than Plastazote®.

Shock Absorption: P-Cell® absorbs shock 41% more than Plastazote®.

Tensile Strength: P-Cell® has 114% greater tensile strength than Plastazote®, which results in less tearing.

Moisture Deflection: P-Cell® deflects moisture 209% more than Plastazote®.

Abrasion: A less abrasive insole can help protect the diabetic. The more abrasive the surface of the material, the more likely the skin will become irritated, which may result in blistering or ulcerations. P-Cell® is a smooth, closed cell product which does not hurt the skin.

Coefficient of Friction: A secure grip inside a shoe or orthotic device prevents shear. Excessive movement can allow the skin to rub, resulting in soreness. P-Cell® helps to prevent this movement and is better for a diabetic patient.

Moisture Deflection: Insoles that absorb body fluids are harder to keep clean and allow for bacterial growth near the skin. Bacteria can lead to complications and infections. P Cell® has a high moisture deflection that does not allow the moisture to soak in.

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