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Acor Therma-Shape™ Pad

Acor's Therma-Shape Pad
Therma-Shape™ Pad
Item Description
11996 Therma-Shape™ Pad

The patented Therma-Shape™ Pad takes an imprint of the foot and analyzes arch types. The image, displayed in a spectrum of colors, allows the consumer to visually identify their specific foot shape and key pressure areas.

The Therma-Shape™ Pad clearly provides consumers with the information they require to purchase their correct orthotic solution. Best of all, the pad requires no electricity or expensive electronics!


How to Use the Therma-Shape™ Pad

Acor's Therma-Shape Pad

1. Take your customer's shoes off. If his/her feet are cold, you may want to have the customer take their socks off.

person standing on the Therma-Shape Pad

2. Have the customer stand on the Therma-Shape™ Pad with both feet for 30 seconds.

Therma-Shape Pad showing the foot shape

3. Have the customer step off the pad and identify their foot shape with the images of flat, high, or standard arches. Select the correct orthotic for their size and trim to fit in their shoes.