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Microcel Puff FM firm materials

FM Firm Material

FM™, which stands for Firm Material, is a 65 durometer, heat moldable EVA. It is grindable and is one of the highest sources of rigidity for orthoses, short of plastic. Use FM™ for the bottom-most, arch filler of foot orthoses. It works equally well as a mid-sole or split-sole wedge.

FMFirm Material
Durometer: 65 Shore A (±5)
Sheet Size: 37" x 30"
Composition: EVA
Molding Temperature: 275°-300° F 4-5 min.
Grindable: YES
Available Colors: Black, White
Uses: Base and center core of foot orthotics, midsoles and heavy posting

White Black Dimension Case
SDUR-00407 SDUR-00394 116" 48
SDUR-00400 SDUR-00411 18" 24
SDUR-00405 SDUR-00395 316" 16
SDUR-00402 SDUR-00412 14" 12
SDUR-00409 SDUR-00396 38" 8
SDUR-00410 SDUR-00397 12" 6

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