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Foot Defense

Acor's Foot Defense

Know Your Arch

How to determine your arch style in the privacy of your own home

Wet Test

  1. While seated remove shoes and socks and place the construction paper or paper bag on the floor beneath your feet
  2. Dunk either foot in water
  3. Do not stand or walk while your feet are wet
  4. Remain seated and place your foot on the paper and push down on your knee with your hands to simulate standing
  5. Lift your foot off of the paper and wipe it off completely with a clean paper towel
  6. Repeat the process with your other foot
  7. After your feet have been wiped completely dry, put your socks and shoes back on before standing up
  8. Compare the image on the paper to the one on this page to determine your arch type:
Flat Arch
Flat Arch
Standard Arch
Standard Arch
High Arch
High Arch

Flat arch foot: has a nearly complete imprint (appears as if the entire sole is imprinted).

Standard arch foot: has a flare but shows the forefoot and heel connected by a wide band.

High-arch foot: a very narrow band is connecting the forefoot and the heel (feet are rigid and immobile)

While not every foot completely mimics these three types, you can still use this Wet Test to determine your general foot type and the Sole Defense® line of orthotics that will most likely benefit your feet.

Acor's Therma-Shape Pad

A better and much more professional way of determining your arch type is to use a device like Acor's Therma-Shape™ Pad.

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